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Scientific-research institute of info communication A.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications.

Scientific-research institute of info communication A.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications.

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The director of the institute - Ekaterina Sergeevna Ozarko.

Scientific-research institute of infocommunication was organized in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 1683-r of November, 23, 2007; the order of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine no.102 of 24.02.2010. It is a separate structural division of the A.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications. The director of the institute is Ekaterina Sergeevna Ozarko.

The institute was created in purposes of realization of scientific-research activities, the provision of scientific and educational services for public consumption, organization and further development in Ukraine targeted research, development of human resources in the field of info communications, state and national programs of telecommunication technologies and services, to ensure the development and implementation of the tasks programme concepts, state and national programs of development of telecommunications and informatization of Ukraine, development of information and communication technologies, the implementation of tasks in the field of communications and informatization sphere, creation of information infrastructure for the central and regional authorities, enterprises, organizations, educational institutions, etc.

The basic kinds of activity of the Scientific-research institute of infocommunication are:

* carrying out scientific research in the field of infocommunication of the company, the creation of infocommunication infrastructures, the development of communication networks;

* International cooperation in the sphere of education and science;

* Creation of methods of the description, formalization and analysis of problems, processes, structures of economic, social and ecological systems (information and algorithmic aspects);

* Development of methods and software tools of mathematical modeling of systems and processes;

* Production, financial-economical, production-commercial activity;

* Work on development of the personnel, methods of detection abilities, talents and professional compliance;

* Provision of training services, including development, introduction and realization of tests;

* provision of the population and the enterprises, institutions, organizations of all ownership forms of telecommunication, informational and educational services and other paid services on all permitted activities;

* Organizing and conducting workshops, conferences, seminars, trainings, etc;

* Development of methods of the analysis of human development and their program implementation, the provision of services for the study of abilities and properties of the people.

Contact tel/fax 032-261-63-14

Address: Troleybusnaya str., 11, Lviv, 79000