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Educational - scientific institute of Computer technologies, automation and logistics

Educational - scientific institute of

Computer technologies, automation and logistics

Educational - scientific institute of Computer technologies, automation and logistics (CTA and L) was created on the base of ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov Computer technologies and postal communications department.

In 1992 the department specializing in Telecommunications was opened. 1st-3rd year students of the same specialization study there. Kril S.S. was appointed to be the Dean of the department.

As a result of the reforms in 1995, the department was changed into "Postal service" department. In 1997 - 1999 it was the department of data technology and postal service. It trained experts in "Communications network" and "Postal service". In 1999 it was renamed into the computer technologies and postal service department, which started training experts in the new specialization for the Academy - "Engineering Processes Automated Control" since 2000. In August, 2003 educational and research institute "Postal service" was created on the base of the department by the order of the State committee of communications and informatization of Ukraine 159. In 2008 it was renamed into Educational - scientific institute of Computer technologies, automation and logistics.


Educational - scientific institute of "Computer Technologies, Automation and Logistic"

candidate of engineering sciences, senior staff scientist

Kril Serhiy Serhiiovych

Kril Serhiy Serhiiovych studied at Odessa Electronic Technical Institute of Communications at a multichannel Electronic Technical Communications department from 1971 to 1975. After he had graduated from TIC he worked at the research sector and headed its work before his assignment to a position of the Base Department Dean. In 1989 Kril S.S. defended the thesis "Signals Digital Processing in Multichannel Transmission by Minimum Computational Complexity Algorithms". This thesis was supervised by a famous researcher Nudelman P.Y.. Telecommunications systems were Krils major in his research work. Working it out, he published more than 30 research articles and received 5 inventors certificates. He was awarded with the Honorary Communicator and Outstanding Educator titles. He was also awarded with the Cabinet of Ministers, the Supreme Council Certificates of Honour, and the Ministry of Communications of Ukraine Badge of Honour.

Assosiate Professors Stovbun G.V. and Bishlyaga E.P. worked as Vice-Deans for a long time as well as a resource specialist Dorofeeva L.V..

Now lecturers Bugeda L., Zbarazhska O., Lespuh T. and a leading expert Dorofeeva L. are working as a deputy Directors of CTA and L.

The Institute consists of such departments:

Postal Communication Networks and Systems (head of the Department - Kril S.)

Computer-Integrated Technological Processes and Production (head of the Department Fleyta Y.)

Electrical Engineering, Power and Customs Control (head of the Department Kadackiy A.)

Physical Education (head of the Department Galiuza S.)

Preparation of bachelors is carried out in the following directions: "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies" and "Networks and Systems of Postal Communication", and since 2016 Automation and computer integrated technologies

Now one of the main directions of scientific-technical progress in key industries is the widespread use of computer-integrated structures for production management. For the development and maintenance of such structures, it is necessary to have experts in the development and maintenance of computer-integrated control systems and their software. Considering this, the Institute have organized multi-level training of specialists on specialty "Automation and computer integrated technologies". It is focused on modern high technology, the implementation of which is impossible without the integral use of microprocessor and computer technology that provides a solution to the task of coordinating the functioning of individual subsystems, the use of intelligent subsystems of decision-making based on data and knowledge, using modern software. Students have the opportunity not only to study theory but also to gain practical skills to work with technical and special software of modern microprocessor and computer integrated control systems.

Students do practical trainings at leading enterprises of telecommunications and energy, take part in the implementation of automated information systems at such enterprises. The knowledge gained by students in the specialty "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies" gives them a rapid adaptation to modern enterprises.

Students have a possibility not only to study theory, but also obtain practical skills to work with hardware and special modern microprocessor software and computer-integrated control systems. Students pass their practical trainings at key communication and power industry enterprises, assist in automated information systems implementation there. Knowledge gained by students in Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies specialization gives them the chance to adapt to modern enterprises quickly.

Students of the Institute take an active part in different contests: Star of the Academy, Mister of the Academy, Romantic couple.