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Educational and Research Institute of Infocommunications and Software Engineering (ERI I&SE)

Infocommunicationsis a term referring to a modern information and telecommunication infrastructure that provides opportunities for information exchange of voice, data and video to provide users with a wide range of services based on technologies convergence.

Software engineeringintegrates the principles of Mathematics, Informatics and Computer Sciences with engineering approaches. It's a course associated with the theory, methods and tools for professional software development, implementation, testing, maintenance and upgrades.

EducationalandResearchInstituteofInfocommunicationsandSoftware Engineering(ERI I&SE)

The faculty of Telephone and Telegraph Communications was established in 1920 at Odessa Institute of Communications Engineers. It was the predecessor of the existing Institute of Infocommunications and Software Engineering. The first deans of the faculty were associate professors M.M. Cohan, and Z.B. Mlievsky. After the end of World War II, since 1945, the faculty was headed by associate professors V.I. Gryazev, D.P. Ruzhinskaya, A.S. Shilov. Rapid development of telecommunications has necessitated the establishment of a new faculty of telecommunications headed by Professor A.S. Shilov in 1967. Professor Zakharchenko M.V. was the next dean (1970-1981). Then the deans were professor M.M. Odintsov (1981 -1982), professor V.E. Didenko (1982-1985), professor V.M. Orlov (1985-1989), professor L.P. Britner (1989-2000).

With the emergence of new communication technologies and improvement of curriculum in February 2001, the name of faculty was changed to Information Networks. The change of the name of faculty considers not only the current technological changes in the structure of the telecommunications industry, but also greatly expands the field of study. Trend of convergence of telecommunication and information networks into a single infrastructure led to the merger of two faculties, Information Networks and Telecommunication Systems, to the faculty of Infocommunications in February, 2012.

The rapid development of information and communication technologies have led to new requirements of training of specialists, which include getting knowledge of info-communications infrastructure as well as knowledge of technology, programming and system integration, installing operating systems and software. An important event of 2014 was the licensing of Software Engineering specialty. Its goal is to prepare demanded IT professionals for the industry. Therefore, according to the requirements and current conditions,Educational and Research Institute of Infocommunications and Software Engineeringwas founded on the base of the faculty of Infocommunications in December 2013.

A new specialty 122 Computer Science and Information Technology, which most commonly covers the IT courses for training developers and analysts of information systems for business, industry, banking, education and science, appeared in 2016.

From December 2000 and till now the ERI I&SE is headed by the Professor of Higher Mathematics Chair, Doctor of Science in EngineeringStrelkovskaya Irina Viktorovna.

In ERI I&SE departmentsfrom the first years of its operation, a highly qualified team of teachers known for their creative, educational, publishing, scientific activities and fruitful relations with industrial enterprises was formed. There are more than350 teachers, including18 academicians, corresponding members of international and national academies;36 professors, Doctors of Science;84 associate professors, Ph.D,4 Honored Workers of Higher Education of Ukraine;8 laureates of the State prize,5 Honored Workers of Science and Technique of Ukraineat ERI I&SE. They provide students with profound knowledge and skills for future professional activities.

Many past years graduates have become outstanding scientists, heads of enterprises in telecommunication industry, large studies, design and manufacturing enterprises. The faculty is proud of its graduates, including professors: P.P. Vorobienko, and M.V. Zakharchenko, E.N. Petrinsky, V.M. Granaturov, A.K. Kotelnikov associate professors: O.I. Korobovsky, Y.P. Savitski, M.D. Pasechnik, M.F. Zelinsky, O.L. Bolshoy I.V. Zharko, V.L. Zhenzhera, A.Y. Leibson, O.P. Prozhivalski, A.P. Rusinsky, S.M.Ganzha, and others.

Today theEducational and Research Institute of Infocommunications and Software Engineeringcontinues to operate as a leading center of the Academy with honor to past traditions and isthe most numerous(more than 1,000 students) institute of the Academy. The ERI I&SE students are bright personalities, leaders, talented students and young scientists, who have an active civic position and present their achievements not only in the learning process and research activities, but also in public life of the Academy, the volunteer activities and sketch contests.

The rapid development of telecommunications requires advanced knowledge for everyone who is involved in development and maintenance. Only those professionals who possess the corresponding knowledge and have fluent English are able to develop and to apply new information technologies as well as to implement efficient engineering in the industry. Initiative of the rector was to create theTechnical Elite Groupswith the purpose of quality training of competitive specialists who have advanced level of knowledge and the opportunity of free communication with experts from different countries of the world. Students of the Technical Elite Groups study all courses in English.

Selection of teaching staff including the best industry specialists for teaching in the "Technical Elite Groups" allowed to form a qualitatively new educational environment, which corresponds to innovative nature of telecommunications. Today more than 100 students of ERI I&SE study in English. The main benefits of courses taught in English are:

*getting appropriate level of knowledge and possibilities of free technical English communication in a single information space;

*ability to work with the technical documentation to perform development and operation of equipment,

*competitiveness in the international labor market and job opportunities in foreign companies;

*job opportunities in the world-famous research institutions aimed at participation in research and development projects;

*opportunity to continue studies or work inothercountries.

Students of Technical Elite Groups study separately. They only communicate with teachers in English. Lecturers and professors of the Technical Elite Groups have high qualification and extensive experience in foreign educational institutions. In order to improve linguistic and technical English terminology for students of Technical Elite Groups, regular trainings and language courses with teachers of foreign languages department and volunteers from around the world were organized in the Academy.

Since 2013 Educational and Research Institute of Infocommunications and Software Engineering is involved in a long-term program "Double Degree" allowing students to obtain degree of Bachelor and Master. The program acts between Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications n.a. O.S. Popov and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Kothen, Germany).

Bachelor Double Degree programis implemented for students of the specialty of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering in German. After 2.5 years of study, students of ONAT have the opportunity to continue study at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Kothen, Germany) in order to obtain the Bachelor degree. Aligned curriculum allows students to obtain two Bachelor diplomas simultaneously one from ONAT and another one from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Kothen, Germany).

The Master Double Degree programis implemented for students of the specialty of Telecommunications and Radio Engineering including "Information Communication Networks", "Technologies and Facilities of Telecommunications" and "Telecommunication Systems and Networks". The program is only available in English. Students study during the first semester of the 5-th year (six months, from October to March) at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Kothen, Germany). Students study at ONAT during the second semester. During the next semester students can prepare Master Thesis in Ukrainian or German. Aligned curriculum allows students to obtain two Master diplomas simultaneously one from ONAT and another one from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

The main activities of ERI I&SE aim at training highly qualified bachelors in Software Engineering,Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, and in the new specialty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Specialty 121. Software Engineering provides training of the following IT specialists: Software Developer, Web Developer, Database Developer/Programmer, Game Developer, Data Systems Analyst, QA Specialist. Software Engineering students learn the following programming languages: C++, Java, C# (.NET), Python, Ruby, SQL, HTML/CSS (+frameworks), JavaScript (+frameworks), PHP (+frameworks) and others.

Competence of software engineering considers diverse trainings. This is not only a different computer software of various operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows), but also the creation of products for mobile devices (iOS, Android), organization of computer networks, programming for various networks (client-server technology), working with security systems, software projects management and others.

Specialty122.ComputerScienceandInformationTechnologiesprovides training for developers and analysts of information systems for business, industry, banking, education and science. Students specialize in designing and developing Web-oriented corporate and information retrieval systems, software for automating logistics,CRMandERPsystems,Data Mining,artificial intelligence and expert systems, software for simulations and visualization. Educational process is based on the following programming languages and technologis ++, Java, C #, .NET, UML, database development tools includingMySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB,WEBdevelopment tools(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ajax, jQuery, Node.Js) as well asAndroid SDK,MS Visual Studio, Eclipse PDT, Rational Rose, BPwin, NetBeans, PhpStorm, Aptana Studio, IntelliJ IDEA.Attention is paid to client-server technologies, computer network administration based on Unix/Linux and CISCO Systems equipment, technological support of business (1C, Mathlab, Statistica, AutoCAD), parallel and distributed computing (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL). Graduates have knowledge to create WEB-resources, Internet-portals and distributed information systems, mobile applications and computer games; databases, software for computer design and computer graphics, information retrieval and expert systems, business analysis and team management for developers and others.

Specialty172.TelecommunicationsandRadio Engineeringprovides Bachelor training allowing to select one of the following specializations for getting knowledge and practical skills of appropriate quality:

ØInformation Technologies and Systems in Business,

ØComputer Networks and the Internet,

ØLandline, Wireless and Computer Communications,

ØTelecommunication Systems and Networks,

ØSoftware of information networks,


ØTechnologies of Fiber-optic Communication,


ØCable Television and Integrated Services,

ØProductionofTelevisionand Media Content.

After obtaining the Bachelor Degree in172 Telecommunication and Radio Engineering, one can continue study in order to obtain Master degree in following specialties:

Computer Networks and the Internet

Our future professionals of information networks can work at enterprises of different ownership as head of the IT department or an engineer, system administrator or integrator, designing and maintaining local and global computer networks and systems, video monitoring and surveillance, IP telephony networks.

Information Technologies and Systems in Business

These future professionals of information technology businesses can work in banks, industrial enterprises and commercial structures as engineers or heads of IT departments designing and maintaining computer networks and systems for businesses, security and surveillance within offices and corporate networks.


Future professionals in creation and maintenance of sensor networks for exchange of medical information are necessary for control modes and urgent actions in treatment and diagnosis of patients. They can work in hospitals as engineers or heads of IT departments.


These future programmers of information networks have knowledge in system and application programming corresponding to the level system programmer and can work as engineers or programmers in IT departments, network administrators for IP telephony, information networks, database administrators in enterprises, security agencies and corporate networks .

Telecommunication Systems and Networks

These future specialists in telecommunication networks address the transportation problems, network equipment debugging and issues associated with passing traffic, calculation of bandwidth and communication devices. They can work as engineers or managers of departments specializing in design and maintenance of transport networks.

Technologies of Fiber-optic Communication

These future specialists have acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills with the latest modern technology of fiber optic transport systems of different types of wave multiplexing. They can work as managers or engineers on design, construction and operation of telecommunication networks.

Multiservice Telecommunication Facilities

These future specialists of maintenance of digital and packet switching systems, multiservice networks can work as engineers or heads of the centers of maintenance and operation for toll and urban telephone networks, they can work as engineers or heads of design and development departments.

Mobile communication

Graduates are future professionals in maintenance of mobile networks of GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE standards, Wi-Fi and WiMAX radio networks. Graduates can work as engineers or managers at MSC, engineers or system integrators and radio networks administrators.


These are the future professionals of the digital television, multimedia and sound broadcasting, which can work at the enterprises equipped with modern broadcast radio and television broadcasting equipment, as well as any enterprises, which implement audio, video, and audiovisual and multimedia technologies of speech and non-speech assignments.

ProductionofTelevisionand Media Content

These future professionals can work at television centers, television and multimedia studios, can be involved in production of any TV, multimedia and other audiovisual content.

Cable Television and Integrated Services

These are future specialists of cable television and its integrated services that can work at the enterprises of telecommunications and radio, in particular, at radio companies, radio and television, as well as any enterprises, which implement audio, video, and audiovisual and multimedia technologies verbal and non-verbal prescriptions.

ERI I&SE includes5chairs:

ØHigher Mathematics(the head of the chair is associate professor Dmitrieva .Y.);

ØFiber-optical Communication Lines(the head of the chair is professor Bondarenko.V.);

ØInformation Technologies(the head of the chair is associate professor LeonovY.G.);

ØSwitching Systems(the head of the chair is professor Lozhkovskii .G.);

ØTelecommunication Networks(the head of the chair is associate professor NikitiukL..);

ØTelecommunication Systems(the head of the chair is professor Balashov V..);

The quality of educational materials rises due to active scientific and methodical work of professors. Scientists of the ERI I&SE during the last 5 years have published more than 300 scientific works in international and national magazines, 70 monographs, textbooks, handbooks, including the ones approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.

Much work in the ERI I&SE is done toimprove laboratory facilities.Through the efforts of theTelecommunication Networksstaff laboratories were equipped with the latest networking equipment. A specialized laboratory for Structured Cabling Systems, where about 300 students are trained annually, has been organized together with the Swiss company "Reichle & De-Massari Ukraine" (now "Synergia"). Teachers of the chair have been trained at the training center of Reichle & De-Massari to work in this laboratory. The right to obtain certificates is given to the best students who have successfully mastered the discipline of "Structured Cabling Systems" and passed the test in the R&M company. These are internationally-recognized certificates of R&M allowing to be employed at system integrator companies around the world. In the laboratory of "Information and Communication" students study the architectural features of modern networks, acquire skills to work in real information and telecommunication networks, learn how to design a LAN using modern software. In the laboratory of "Network technologies" students have the opportunity to explore the parameters and protocols of information networks. In addition, the chair has a branch on the basis of the region's largest telecommunication company called TENET, where students complete internships and gain practical experience.

The laboratory of Digital Switching System was created at the chair ofSwitching Systems. This laboratory contains the following equipment: Kvant-E digital switching system produced by Telekart-Prylad, Dnipro digital switching system produced by Dnepropetrvsky mashinostritelniy zavod, Matritsa digital switching system produced by Telecommunication Technologies, and a modern MSAN produced by MONIS. Educational use of modern laboratory equipment allows students to acquire knowledge and skills by practicing with real hardware. Recently the laboratory equipment of ERI I&SE was extended with the hardware of CDMA-2000 base station, which was provided by Interdnestrkom and Intertelecom mobile operators in order to maintain quality of practical training within the specialization of "Mobile telecommunication".

There are five educational laboratories available at the chair ofTelecommunication Systems. These labs contain equipment produced byEricsson, Iskratel, Alcatel-Lucent,Farlep, andWatson Telecom.Three computer classes are available for virtual lab works. Educational chamber with line and hardware facilities allows to train high-quality specialists. Theoretical knowledge is extended with practical experience during lab works with existing networking equipment and during industrial practice.

There are three educational laboratories available at the chair ofFiber-optical Communication Lines. These laboratories are equipped with: a device intended to localize damages of FO cable (Horizont), devices for fiber strands welding, for measuring dispersion of FO cable (ID-42), optical testers and reflectors. Such a set of equipment allows students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in measuring parameters of optical cables, fiber strands welding, localizing damages, performing initial control of cable segments during construction, determining characteristics of transmitters and receivers of fiber-optical transmission systems as well as in their energy measurements. With the system of APR LCS and software of AVK in a computer class, students acquire skills necessary for FOCL work projects and corresponding financial estimations.

At theERI I&SEextensive work is conducted to form and accumulate scientific and educational elite of the Academy. Over the past year applicants defended 1 doctorate and 7 PhD Theses.

Not only professors but also students areactively engaged in research workunder the supervision of leading experts of the Academy, which results in participation in conferences of young specialists, creative contests and competitions.

Among the competitions, the operators MTS contest"Professionals of the Future", held annually for Bachelors in Telecommunications among ten Universities of Ukraine should be noted. Every year Academys team includes mainly students of ERI I&SE. It has become a nice tradition to win MTS contest by ONAT. All-Ukrainian MTS competition"Professionals of the Future"was win by ONAT students in 2007, 2009, 2010. Second place was taken in 2012. And the first prize again was taken in 2016. Participation of students in the MTS contest"Professionals of the Future"is awarded with the practice in the company and, in case of victory, with the gifts and cash prizes.

Our students form Technical Elite Groups, participate in international conferences, including: the Conference of International Telecommunication Union (ITU)TelecomWORD in Geneva (Switzerland), the conference of "Astra" corporation in Luxembourg, the ITU conference in Guadalajara (Mexico). Successful presentation of the achievements of our students brought victory in the competition of innovative projects "Innovative solutions in Modern Infocommunications", which was held in Moscow within the V all-Russian Youth Forum for "Information Technologies in the World of Communications."

Talented students of ERI I&SE are actively involved, as a team representing ONAT, in a student contest in the section of "Telecommunications", where they always occupy top places. The winners of the contest are: A. Meretskiy (2012); D.Figol and D.Honsiorovskiy (2013). This year, after the second stage of the contest, the first place was taken by M. Konstantinov. O.Paliy was a runner up while S.Smagliuk and T.Ivanova took the third place.

The ERI I&SE students actively participate in various "Higher Mathematics", "English", "Computer Science" and other contests. The contests include: IT-Planet and IT -Universe. This year our students showed good results: D.Shatikov was awarded with the first grade Diploma at the competition of "IT Project Management". The following students took part in the final of the "IT Project Management" and Linux Administration of the -Universe-2016 contest and obtained corresponding certificates: G.Karayvanska, E. Rudakov, I.Krokhmaliuk, M. Pokrasa, D. Orkush, R.Skitsan, O.Artamonov, Y.Hlotova, B.Makarenko, A. Ovdeichuk.

Young scientists take an active part in all-Ukrainian competition of students scientific works in Telecommunications. Masters N. Shevchuk, M. Onishchenko and Y.Tsumanets won the first prize in 2013. During the 2015/2016 academic year, M.Konstantinov and Y. Polna won the first prize in the all-Ukrainian competition of students scientific works in Engineering. Special prize due to relevance of the work was taken by the student of the 4-th year D. Orkush.

Achievements in research activities are well-known within the entire Ukraine. Students of ERI I&SE won the victory at the all-Ukrainian Computer Networks competition (hosted by Khmelnytskyi National University) this year. The students presented their achievements at the 7-th International Scientific and Technical Conference Relevant Problems of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications held by Sevastopol Technical University and at the 5-th International Scientific and Technical Conference Problems of Telecommunications - 2011 devoted to The Day of Science and Telecommunications in Kiev Institute of Telecommunication Systems of National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Being a young scientist today is not only interesting, but also prestigious. Students of the ERI I&SE who, submitted research papers to participate in the scholarship program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation "Zavtra.UA" became scholars and actively participate in the activities of the youth movement "Zavtra.UA. Over recent years, scholarships were provided for Y.Maydanovych (2011) V.Varbanets (2012), R.Zolotukhin (2013), M.Konstantinov (2016).

In 2011 the faculty of Infocommunications became the organizer of the International Conference for Young Scientists called "Infocommunications - Present and Future" in order to promote research work of young scientists and let them present their scientific achievements.

The conference was held for the third time, it was attended by more than 230 speakers, including masters of ERI I&SE and other institutions, young scientists from the universities of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Russia, Moldova and Syria. Participating in the conference enables masters to get the necessary experience in presenting their results publicly, try themselves in the scientific debate prior to the defense of master works. The conference was attended by students, teachers, representatives of telecommunication companies in Ukraine, and CIS countries. Among the authors of submitted abstracts majority is represented by students and teachers of ONAT. Proceedings of the conference were published and included 162 abstracts.

Successful study and scientific activities bring ascholarshipof the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Parliament of Ukraine, ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov, G.Z.Sinchenka to excellent students of ERI I&SE.

An important part of education at the ERI I&SE ispractical trainingat the industry aimed at getting knowledge and practical skills.

Among the companies that are available for practical training of students the following must be noted: PJSC "Ukrtelecom", U'tel, LLC "Telecommunications Construction Company", PJSC "MTC-Ukraine", PJSC "Kyivstar", LLC "Inkom-Odessa", LLC "TENET", "Secans, SOE "Sail", LLC "Tetta", PJSC "Datagroup", LLC "Komtel", CJSC "Intertelecom", LLC Comstar Ukraina, JSC "Odesskiy Kabelniy Zavod", LLC "Skyline Telecom", LLC "Telecard-Prylad", PJSC "Farlep Invest" and others.

Linear (technological) practice was organized at Fiber-optical Communication Lines chair over the past four years.

Mounting laboratory is organized on the training ground of ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov. There students gain practical knowledge on how to implement mounting sockets of electrical and optical cables, junction boxes, and how to measure parameters of grounding systems, how to localize damages of cables using corresponding devices.

This practical training helps to select a topic for a Master Thesis for the future graduates. The number of degree projects, commissioned by enterprises, is constantly increasing. In particular, companies such as PJSC "Ukrtelecom", PJSC "Kyivstar", LLC TENET and others not only offer relevant thematic content for diploma projects (and work) and master works for the Academy, but their leaders take part in the State Examination Commissions.

Starting from the 2nd year, all students have the opportunity toget a second degreein economics or management, as well as to study atOdessa Military Academytraining reserve officers, in order to get demanded and competitive profession, have a prestigious, well-paid job and stable and rapidly growing career,.

Growing need for highly qualified IT professionals is supported by introduction of IT technologies in the educational process and creation of additional training in the area of IT in various courses, seminars and workshops of the Academy. Today, almost all students of the ERI I&SE have access to the relevant knowledge through additional courses of programming (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL and others). Academy hosts courses of Cisco (for network and system administrators), authorized equipment courses of Reichle & De-Massari (Installer and designer of structured cabling systems) and special software of 1C: accounting," 1C: enterprise", "Parus: enterprise" and other courses).

To prepare qualified IT professionals the Academy took the initiative of a national "IT-education" project in cooperation with the Department of Education of the Odessa City Council. The purpose of the project is to attract talented students to specialized education in IT classes in order to promote the IT courses of the Academy and to form the high-quality contingent of students for the Academy. The project is implemented in many schools through specialized IT classes and workshops for high school students. Professors of Academy, representatives of the IT industry and ERI I&SE Masters are involved in workshops and classes. Training in specialized classes covers the most relevant topics in the field of IT: IT basics for networking technologies, Web-development and website making, JavaScript language, animation and interactive effects of Macromedia Flash.

Professors and the best students of ERI I&SE give lectures for high school students within the framework of cooperation between ERI I&SE and secondary schools (SC) of Odessa. In schools with intensive study of English these lectures are given in English.

Themed workshops are organized for schoolchildren within career guidance in many city schools. The most popular among schoolchildren are the following workshops: FM-radio DIY and 3D hologram.

During their studies, students of ERI I&SE have the opportunity to improve skills in the new network technologies, modern programming languages, new computer programs, system administration, computer graphics and design at additional courses of the Academy. This allows one to get an international certificate by Cisco Systems Academy or a System Administrator certificate, or a certificate of Installer and designer of structured cabling systems provided by R&M, as well as a "1C. Accounting. Programming" certificate.

Student Governmentis an important part of life of the institute. Zubenko M. is a head of the Student Government Council of ERI I&SE. Currently the active part of Student Government controls the issues of increasing academic progress and attendance. In ERI I&SE Student Government Council continues active work related to hostels of the Academy in cooperation with the student trade union committee of the Academy. The purpose of student councils is to improve living conditions in hostels and to increase personal responsibility for the safety, assets and household property.

The system of character-building workof the ERI I&SE concentrates on forming personality of a citizen and professional. Educational process includes individual approach and ability to stimulate self-development and self-education. ERI I&SE uses the system of supervisors for groups of the 1-st and 2-nd year students.

The talents of our students are well-known to all supporters of amateur performance and sketch contests. Thus, a team of the first year students of ERI I&SE holds prizes in the "Student Winter" talent competition annually.

The team of the first year students of ERI I&SE took first place in "Choreography" nomination this year. Choreographic collective under supervision of D. Gordienko was awarded with the diplomas of winners of "Student Autumn", the regional festival-contest of artistic amateur performance among Odessa regional universities of III-IV accreditation levels. Our students annually take prize places in "Dance Battle of ONAT" and "Star of the Academy" contests. Shkola I. was the Star of the Academy in 2014 while KaskivN. took the second place in 2016. The student of ERI I&SE Yazadzhy M. won the title of "Mister of the Academy".

Students of the ERI I&SE are actively involved in the preparation and hosting of academic cultural events such as the "Academy Day", "Day ofERI I&SE", "Day of Radio, Television and Communication", "Student Day" and other events.

Our students are always first insport. A team of the first year students won this year Academy Championship in mini-football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball and badminton, while O. Demchenko won the 1st place in the chess championship. Prizes are won by our students in cheerleading and relay race competitions. Herbey V. was the runner up in the Dota2 tournament. This year Nasikovskyy V., the student of ERI I&SE, became the Champion of Ukraine in Keruhi Taekwondo. Our student, repeated winner of the European Kyokushin Karate tournaments, O. Hrushenko, will represent the European team at the VI World championship in Tokyo (Japan) in 2017.

Students of the ERI I&SE actively participate in social and cultural life of the Institute and the Academy, including sketch contests and activities of the Institute Council.

Students of the ERI I&SE actively participate in career guidance activities of the Academy. This year, the team of students visited almost all secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums of Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhny.

All graduates of the ERI I&SE are guaranteed to haveemploymentin leading companies of communications, such as: PJSC "Ukrtelecom", Utel, PJSC Vega, PJSC "MTC-Ukraine", PJSC "Kyivstar", PJSC Astelit Life, Velton Telecom, CJSC "Intertelecom",, LLC TeNeT, PJSC "Datagroup", "Secans SOE Parus, ICN, Komstar Ukraine, Inkom-Odessa, LLC "Skyline Telecom", LLC "Telecommunications Construction Company", TV operators Black Sea, Renome, Sana plus, Real-V, Briz, information security agency Soth-East, Secret Service, LLC "Telecard-Prylad", PJSC "Farlep Invest" and others.

Graduates of the ERI I&SE handle telecommunication networks and computer networks of financial institutions, oil and gas companies of Ukraine, Railroad company, and security agencies.

The best graduates are working in the Academy departments and continue postgraduate studies.