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The library is a structural unit of Odessa National A.S. Popov Academy of Telecommunications (ONAT). It was founded in 1930 along with the Institute of Telecommunications Engineers. In the early days of the library its fund did not exceed 2,000 printed issues and it served over 450 members.

At present the book collection counts over 600,000 samples. The fund has various themes such as: telecommunication systems, information security and data transmission telecommunication networks, fiber-optic communication lines, information technologies, radio communication, television and radiobroadcasting, optical communication physics, computation technology and microprocessors, information and administration, economics and management, postal communication networks and systems and others. Substantial part of the fund is books on natural sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and others. There is a wide choice of science fiction for readers both of domestic and foreign literature as well as books on history, social sciences, art and so on. It is gradually supplemented with literature in printed matters and electronic ones. Annually the library subscribes for a large amount of domestic magazines and newspapers. The publication language is the Ukrainian and Russian language. It also contains English, French and German publications. Every year the library serves about 15,000 members.

The library search instrument consists of paper library indexes and card file cabinets, electronic catalog and reference bibliographic edition fund.

Since 2004 there is electronic catalog and the main reference file cabinets of magazine articles. The E-catalog is supplemented with both recent and retro additions, it contains over 130,000 recordings. Unilib is in use.

The following data bases are created:

  • bibliographic description of book publications;

  • analytical description of periodicals;

  • the Academy dissertation scientists;

  • collection of ONAT study and manual guides;

  • ONAT scientists;

  • paper summaries of ONAT officials;

  • Repository (electronic repository) of ONAT.

Exhibition-views of recent additions, book exhibitions, dedicated to famous dates, virtual exhibitions, open literature reviews, and public events are continuously held.

There are two circulation departments, two reading halls in the library. Public reading hall of the ONAT library has Wi-Fi Access Point. The network using is free of charge and without subscribing. There is Virtual reference service which allows serve members distantly.

The ONAT library regularly improves its information communication environment, significant part of which is electronic information resources. Electronic library designing became the priority tendency in developing the library. Electronic library is a unique set which contains electronic catalog, fund of full-text electronic documents and electronic editions on CDs.