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Dear Sirs!

We would like you to inform that the leisure base of the Odessa national academy of communication of A.S. Popov Electron is located near a Small town Zatoka, which is located in 60 kilometers from a hero-town Odessa, in 27 kilometers from the ancient city of Belgorod-Dniester on picturesque coast of Black sea.

Soft, temperate climate, a genial sunshine, the warm sea, velvet beaches, a combination of steppe and sea air promote strengthening of health and fine rest.

The base territory has the supervised parking and its own beach.

The convenient site, affinity of transport knots will help you to arrive with ease on base of rest Electron. Small town Zatoka ecologically clean region of Ukraine, with the unique primeval nature. And Belgorod-Dniester fortress one of the miracles created by the humans hands in 15 century AD and remained until now.

At your disposal - double - triple wooden cottage on to seacoast that creates especially favorable conditions for the rest from May till September.

Guiding prices for accommodation in 2013:


We are glad to cooperate in any variety, particularly, the formation of long contracts on accommodation of the pleasurers.

Call and write to us:
Associate Director of the leisure base- Valeriy O. Lazukin: tel.: (067) 162-21-03, 063-9-600-300.
Tel.: (048) -723-12-02;
Fax: (048) 723-62-69;

Admnstrator 067-646-33-70.

The base address:
The Odessa area, Belgorod-Dniester area,
Small town Zatoka, Limansky resort area,
Leisure base "Elektron"
(The stop of an electric train "Karolino Bugaz")